The Regulation That Puts a Stop to Backyard Breeders

The Regulation That Puts a Stop to Backyard Breeders

There Are 15 Million Annual Craigslist, Facebook, Internet and Print Advertisements of Animals For Sale**.
Without advertising, Backyard Breeders and Puppy mills can’t profit or survive.
Proposed Advertising Tax Requires Paid Tax and Registration Prior to Acceptance of Any Ad.
With Substantial Fines and Penalties for Accepting Unpaid and Unregistered Ads Compliance is Certain.
Registration Requires Full Disclosure, Identification, Source and Location of Animals for Sale.
Animal Control, Zoning or Law Enforcement Home or Facility Inspection Permission Required.

Why Would Any Backyard Breeder Comply?

The Answer is THEY WOULDN’T!

With No Tax and Registration, There are No Ads.

No Ads = No Sales.

No Sales = No Profits.

No Profits = The Reduction or Elimination of Backyard Breeding.

**Regulating ALL Animals for Sale Ads with the Exception of Sites Like Petfinder, Adopt-a-Pet and Qualified Shelters and Non Profit Rescue Groups.

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